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  • Astrophysical



Location: The Netherlands

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2012

Origin of artist alias: Initials of Jeroen’s last name. We got married so we could share the name.

Main inspirations: Alex: Most musical inspiration from my dad and I can find it anywhere since. Jeroen: initially Michael Jackson, The Police, Netsky. But nowadays SO many more.

Favourite Liquicity song: Fliwo – Stories & NCT – Move On

Guilty pleasure song: Alex: Los Joao – El parasol ; Jeroen: Katy Perry – Roar

Favourite snack: Alex: Everything chocolate related. And kruidnootjes. Especially chocolate kruidnootjes. Jeroen: A smoothie of yoghurt, banana, strawberries and blueberries. I drink half a liter of this every day.

Favourite drink: Alex: Bar le Duc Citroen (day) & a nice single malt (evening). At night (when I’m not driving) either Vodka Red Bull or Cognac & Ginger Ale. Jeroen: Water.

Special/secret skill: Alex: stopped ageing mentally. Jeroen: Walking on hands for 2 mins.

You can wake him up at night for: Alex: I’d rather you don’t. Maybe when there’s a fire. Or when you’ve read & brought my favourite snack. Jeroen: Just let me sleep and tell me in the morning, unless you’re giving me a huge bag of money.

Favourite place on planet earth: Alex: Japan and our couch ; Jeroen: New Zealand

Amount of plants at home: Alex: 65 right now excl. the garden & some cuttings (we live the jungle life). Jeroen: 8 or 9, not sure.

Hobbies besides music: Alex: Getting lost in a proper sci-fi book, sports (cycling, fitness), spend some proper time on cooking and more of that ‘hey you’re 30+’ stuff. Jeroen: Travelling, working out, basketball, gaming, cats & dogs, helping out others, dancing (although I haven’t been doing this on the level at which I want to for far too long), photography and probably more..

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