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Location: New Malden & Bedford

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2016

Origin of artist alias: Pete is Technicolour, Andy is Komatic, so we squished the names together and Technimatic was born

Main inspirations: Calibre, LTJ Bukem, Alix Perez

Favourite Liquicity song: Makoto ‘YGMYC’

Guilty pleasure song: Seal ‘Kiss From A Rose’

Favourite snack: Roasted peanuts

Favourite drink: A thick, full-bodied red wine

Special/secret skill: We can make music when very drunk

Own signature dish: Cheeseboard

Favourite place on planet earth: New York

Amount of plants at home: At least 5 at any one time

Hobbies besides music: Birdwatching and scuba diving

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