T & Sugah

T & Sugah

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Location: The Netherlands

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2014

Origin of artist name: We always drink tea when we produce, when we had to think of an artist name when creating a Soundcloud account it was the first thing in sight. We made the name into T & Sugah because it sounds more like a duo, even though we never have sugar in our tea.

Main inspirations: Netsky, Sub Focus, Nero, Frans Bauer

Favourite Liquicity song:  Robin: Maduk – Ghost Assassin ; Philippe: Maduk – Change (oldie but goldie)

Guilty pleasure song: Robin: A lot of old disco songs ; Philippe: De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – Manon

Favourite car: 2015 Toyota Sienna The SpongeBob

Favourite snack: Broodje frikandel (met blikje bullit)

Favourite drink:  Blikje bullit (met broodje frikandel), or tea

Own signature dish: Butter chickpea curry

Special/secret skill: Robin: Can run backwards unusually fast ;  Philippe: Krav Maga

Morning ritual: Robin: Breakfast ; Philippe: Looking at the ticket count of our event(s)

You can wake him up at night for: Robin: Cool astronomical events like supermoons & shooting stars ; Philippe: Resetting my alarm one hour later

Favourite holiday destination: Robin: Anywhere with mountains ; Philippe: Alps (for hiking)

Amount of plants at home: Robin: 5, Philippe: 0 (everything I love always dies)

Favourite hobby besides music: Robin: Bouldering (climbing) ; Philippe: Krav Maga

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