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  • Creatures EP



Location: Slovenia

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2019

Origin of artist alias: Me and my friend were going thru a skateboard mag I brought to his place and there was an add in there which said “Smooth…” with huge letters and after that he started calling me Smooth and soon after everyone did.

Main inspirations: All the music I listen to.

Favourite Liquicity song: Feint – Vagrant (ft. Veela)

Guilty pleasure song: Slipknot – Eyeless

Favourite snack: Sour worms

Favourite drink: Beer

Special/secret skill: Badminton

You can wake him up at night for: a game of CoD

Favourite place on planet earth: Croatia Seaside

Amount of plants at home: 0 (unless you count everything in the garden)

Hobbies besides music: Fitness, basketball and my PS

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