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Location: Slovakia

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2017

Origin of artist alias: two separated words, simply came up once registering on music-related forum

Main inspirations: staying late nights, long walks, urban city life

Favourite Liquicity song: Nexus & Tight – Odyssey

Guilty pleasure song: Rim Shot – Everybody On The Floor (Rachel Auburn Remix)

Favourite snack: dried cranberries or Snickers bar

Favourite drink: Red Bull / beer

Special/secret skill: I can play by ear

Own signature dish: too many to mention, chana masala w/ basmati rice + homemade naan

You can wake him up at night for: pizza

Morning ritual: treating cat with snacks and cuddles

Favourite place on planet earth: didn’t figure that out yet

Amount of plants at home: 6 & more to come

Hobbies besides music: cooking, video games, cats

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