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Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2014

Origin of artist alias: I have a double surname and when I was in school my name wouldn’t fit on the list of students in the class. Every new teacher started calling me Seba as that was the only part of Sebastian that would fit.

Main inspirations: darkness, music in general

Favourite Liquicity song: Hugh Hardie – Colourful Language

Guilty pleasure song: Elton John – Can you feel the love tonight

Favourite snack: cookies

Favourite drink: red wine

Special/secret skill: cooking

Own signature dish: Boeuf Bourguignon

You can wake him up at night for: Discussing your personal problems

Morning ritual: mandatory espresso

Favourite place on planet earth: Switzerland

Amount of plants at home: 5

Hobbies besides music: Boardgames

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