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Name: Riya

Location: UK

Year entered the galaxy of dreams:  2021

Origin of artist alias: My nan lived in India and dad was born there. Riya is a hindu name and means ‘singer’.

Main inspirations: There’s too many to mention because they span different genres, producers, songwriters & singers – sorry!

Favourite Liquicity song: Telomic – Dayfall ft. Sydney

Guilty pleasure song: Wannabe by the Spice Girls (I used to be a big Spice Girls fan)

Favourite snack: Hot sourdough toast with peanut butter & raspberry jam

Favourite drink: Champagne

Special/secret skill: Predicting how a film is going to end at the start

Own signature dish: Lentil Dhal with rice

You can wake him up at night for: Nothing! I hate being woken up when I’m sleeping haha

Morning ritual: Matcha latte and a dog walk in the park

Favourite place on planet earth: Home

Amount of plants at home: 8 but they’re increasing by the month!

Hobbies besides music: Sound Therapy, dancing & cooking

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