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Location: The Netherlands

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2020

Origin of artist alias: My actual name is Rhodé, I just removed the ´, because sometimes when registering on websites, they turn Rhodé into something like Rhod@$%/.

Main inspirations: Jacob Collier, Lana del Rey, Oh Wonder

Favourite Liquicity song: Boxplot – Tramontane

Guilty pleasure song: Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita

Favourite snack: Any type of milk chocolate

Favourite drink: Strawberry mojito or apple cider!

Special/secret skill: I can play the flute

You can wake her up at night for: Phở (please don’t wake me up though)

Favourite place on planet earth: Tokyo, Japan

Amount of plants at home: 6

Hobbies besides music: Writing, portrait photography, graphic design

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