Rameses B

Rameses B

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  • Event Horizon

    Rameses B

  • Entropy

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  • A.I.

    Rameses B

  • To The Stars (feat. Ella Noël)

    Rameses B


Location: England

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2011

Origin of artist alias: My true name seemed to be original enough, I wanted my music to represent me and not a brand. I was previously known as ‘Ram B’ when I worked on happy hardcore music until I decided to evolve my work, thus evolving my name into it’s final form.

Main inspirations: Trance, cinematic music, the universe.

Favourite Liquicity song: Priority One, TwoThirds – City Needs Sleep

Guilty pleasure song: I have no guilt

Favourite snack: Cheese

Favourite drink: Coffee

Special/secret skill: Luck +10, (e.g. I can make traffic lights go green by saying “Mars Bar”)

You can wake him up at night for: a snuggle

Favourite place on planet earth: My bed

Amount of plants at home: 3 real, 8 artificial

Hobbies besides music: Gaming, movies, fitness and science. Also, interior design.

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