Nexus & Tight

Nexus & Tight

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Location: Belgium

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2014

Origin of artist alias: When I was in school I was in a DJ duo with my friend, we came up with the name because we thought it sounded cool. After a while he decided to leave it behind and I kept the name.

Main inspirations: Culture Shock, Retrowave and Visual art

Favourite Liquicity song: Flite – Decisions

Guilty pleasure song: TWICE – LIKEY

Favourite snack: Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry’s

Favourite drink: Fanta

Special/secret skill: I can click my tongue very loudly

You can wake him up at night for: Cuddling with my cats

Favourite place on planet earth: The beach

Amount of plants at home: 8

Hobbies besides music: Origami and mechanical keyboards

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