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  • Falling Apart EP


  • Time For Change EP



Location: UK

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2015

Origin of artist alias: Originally when I started making music under Monrroe, it was going to be an anonymous project, so I chose a more feminine sounding name to add to the ‘mystery’… with hints to Marilyn Monroe, her being such a powerful icon, I thought it would be cool to incorporate some of her image into the initial artwork etc. but the whole anonymous approach was dropped pretty quickly… I think I just forgot about it really haha.

Main inspirations: Music wise – Joy Division/Burial/Alix Perez/Halogenix ; Life – Nature & anything sad really haha.

Favourite Liquicity song: Whiney – Don’t Wait For Me

Guilty pleasure song: Duran Duran – Girls On Film or Whitney Houston – How Will I Know (Not even guilty pleasures tbf, they both slap)

Favourite snack: Percy Pigs (Big Sweets)

Favourite drink: Green Monkey CBD (Pls sponsor me)

Special/secret skill: Amateur florist

You can wake him up at night for: Any form of snack, always on it.

Favourite place on planet earth: Ystradfellte

Amount of plants at home: 20 (ish)

Hobbies besides music: Skating, gaming, eating

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