Macca & Loz Contreras

Macca & Loz Contreras

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Location: Macca: Portsmouth Loz: Leeds, UK

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams:  Together since 2013 <3

Origin of artist alias: Macca: My surname is Irish and is pronounced with a Mac so friends have always called me Macca ; Loz: Loz is a common nickname for Lawrence, all my friends, family, parents and teachers have called me Loz since I was 11. My dad is from Chile, so Contreras is my actual surname.

Main inspirations: Netsky, early Hospital Records days, Spor, Calibre, DJ Marky, 90s and early 2000’s trance and house music, 90’s Hip Hop, Soul & Disco

Favourite Liquicity song: Macca: Franklin – Colours (Whiney remix) ; Loz: Hugh Hardie – Colourful Language

Guilty pleasure song: Macca: Gala – Freed From Desire ; Loz: All Saints – Pure Shores

Favourite snack: Macca: Babybel, Gu Desert, Oreo white chocolate ; Loz: Frazzles, Bourbon biscuits, Cadbury Mini Eggs

Favourite drinkMacca: At the moment…Thatcher’s Gold or Singha Beer ; Loz: A triple measure of Ron Zacapa on a giant ice cube with a twist of orange…or red wine (I have built a wine cellar at home!)

Special/secret skill: Macca: Driving fire engines & ambulances ; Loz: Geography, I can write down all the countries in the world in about 10 minutes

Own signature dish: Macca: Macca’s Mexican ; Loz: Pizza Toastie or Sunday Roast

You can wake him up at night for: Macca: A drink, a gig or more recently to change your nappy ; Loz: a game of table tennis or PES

Morning ritual: Macca: Snooze, shower, coffee & more coffee ; Loz: Hit snooze on my alarm 3 times before getting out of bed 5 minutes before work begins

Favourite place on planet earth: Macca: New Zealand ; Loz: Singapore, it’s a young adult’s playground!

Amount of plants at home: Macca: 0 real, lots of fake ones :) Loz: 8 in the house, but I have dozens in the garden

Hobbies besides music:  Macca: Running, being a Dad now, cycling & family ; Loz: Football, wine tasting, rum tasting, city breaks