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  • Neon Blue EP


  • The Unspoken (feat. Sammie Hall & Kit Rice)


  • Love In Excess



Name: Leniz

Location: The Netherlands

Year entered the galaxy of dreams:  2020

Origin of artist alias: Le Nice 

Main inspirations: Within dnb it mainly is Seba & Silence Groove and labels such as Good Looking Records. Outside of that it’s a whole bunch of genres and sounds that inspired me like Future Garage, Soul, House, Techno, Funk,  IDM & Trance. 

Favourite Liquicity song: Silence Groove – Moon That Never Sets

Guilty pleasure song: Omegatypez – Digital Revolution

Favourite snack: Melba toasts with smoked trout salad. 

Favourite drink: Apple Juice

Special/secret skill: I can immediately picture entire worlds when hearing sounds/music. Kinda like a controllable daydream. 

Own signature dish: Pasta Q. A pasta filled with paprika, zucchini, cherry tomatoes & white cheese. 

You can wake him up at night for: Emergencies, like the house being on fire. 

Morning ritual: Wake up, shower, make tea/coffee, have breakfast

Favourite place on planet earth: Cornwall

Amount of plants at home: 1

Hobbies besides music: I like to do photography, cook, play Cities: Skylines & travel

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