Fox Stevenson

Fox Stevenson

New releases

  • Take You Down / Melange

    Fox Stevenson

  • Glue Gun / Never Before

    Fox Stevenson


Location: UK

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2009 with Stan SB – cloudhead

Origin of artist alias: had a friend who called me fox because if I grow my beard out it’s ORANGE AF

Main inspirations: SSX 3 / tricky soundtracks, Beck, poetry,

Favourite Liquicity song: City Needs Sleep – Priority One and Twothirds

Guilty pleasure song: LMFAO – Partyrock Anthem

Favourite snack: Pizza

Favourite drink: An old fashioned or a margarita. Depending on the vibe

Special/secret skill: Breakdancing

You can wake him up at night for: an idea

Favourite place on planet earth: NYC

Amount of plants at home: 4ish? They’re not happy though…

Hobbies besides music:  Cooking, Climbing, Skateboarding, fighting games, painting

Upcoming shows