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flowanastasia was previously known as “Anastasia” and changed her artist name to “flowanastasia” in 2021.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2017

Origin of artist alias: Since I was a child, my dream was to be a singer and I wanted to use my birth name “Anastasia”. But after many years of using this name and overlapping with so many other artists named “Anastasia”, I decided to change it to my longtime internet handle “flowanastasia” in 2021.

Main inspirations: Water, atmospheric music, trees, jazz, wicked MCs, the moon

Favourite Liquicity song: Fox Stevenson – Take You Down

Guilty pleasure song: Jingle Bells haha, I can’t get the melody out of my head

Favourite snack: Bread, is bread a snack?

Favourite drink: The doctor says I drink too much water, I definitely pee too much lol

Special/secret skill: Playing piano, it’s something I studied for many years but I don’t use it much in my music now… hope to do that more in future!

You can wake her up at night for: Chocolate

Favourite place on planet earth: Water, any water

Amount of plants at home: Is “too many” a number? At least 20 for sure ?

Hobbies besides music: Dancing, walking in nature, drawing/painting, watching stand-up comedy (laughing is my favourite hobby)