Ekko & Sidetrack

Ekko & Sidetrack

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Location: London & Perth (Australia)

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2018

Origin of artist alias: Jonathan gets “Sidetracked” very easily and “Ekko” sounded nice with it. We spell it this way because we are half Norwegian, so it’s a little head nod to our heritage.

Main inspirations: Music (The Strokes, Tycho, M83), Films (The Fifth Element & Amelie) and Visual Art (Salvador Dalí & Hundertwasser)

Favourite Liquicity song: Andromedik – Holding On

Guilty pleasure song: Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart – All for Love

Favourite snack: Anything that’s salty and crunchy

Favourite drink: Water

Special/secret skill: Cooking

You can wake him up at night for: a humourous story of misfortune from one of us

Favourite place on planet earth: The sea

Amount of plants at home: 8

Hobbies besides music: Painting, film making, reading and photography

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