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  • Only Us (Instrumental


  • Here & Now


  • Always Here, My Dear


  • Why Try



Location: Massachusetts, USA

Year entered in the Galaxy of Dreams: 2017

Origin of artist name: I lived on a road called “Boxwood Ln” at the time I created my alias and since I lived on a “plot” of land, Boxplot came into mind.

Main inspirations: Pop punk, racing games, Taiga biomes

Favourite Liquicity song: Hugh Hardie – Closer

Guilty pleasure song: Anamanaguchi – Meow

Favourite car: Mazda Miata

Favourite snack: Brownies

Favourite drink: Caramel Iced Latte

Own signature dish: Rib-eye Steak (cooked medium rare)

Special/secret skill: DIY Mechanic

Morning ritual: Browse Instagram until I hate myself

You can wake him up at night for: Cuddles

Favourite holiday destination: San Francisco

Amount of plants at home: 7

Favourite hobby besides music: Cars/Driving

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