UPDATE: The total amount raised and prize winners will be announced soon!

It’s time for our beloved annual tradition: the Liquicity Yearmix! Since the first mix in 2012, you have studied, worked, traveled, partied, exercised, cried, and laughed to these mixes a whopping 25 million times in total. That is 2 billion minutes of liquid drum & bass music 💦

The mix will be free to listen to and download as always, but this year we feel it’s time to gather our strong and loving community to support a meaningful cause. If you appreciate the Liquicity Yearmix, please consider helping us! By donating, you automatically participate in the raffle, and you might win amazing prizes!

Shanti at Liquicity Festival 2016

Together with Angamma Charitable Trust, Liquicity is raising money to purchase and install rainwater collection tanks at schools and community homes across South Africa. Due to increasing river and groundwater pollution, there is an extreme shortage of drinking water. Not only does this shortage affect the much-needed water to drink, but also the water needed to grow food successfully. The tanks have a special infiltration system, and with an average-sized roof, they can harvest up to 23.000 liters per year.

Why this cause and why South Africa?

At Liquicity Festival 2016, Maduk met Shanti, a Liquicitizen who came all the way from South Africa. They became friends and stayed in touch over the years. She is leading the ‘Angamma Charitable Trust’ and in charge of this project. It’s important that the funds are used as impactful as possible and that 100% ends up with whom it is meant for. As a friend and fellow Liquicitizen, we trust Shanti and know that this project is in good hands.

Other than the direct connection with Angamma, there is Liquicity CapeTown which will be organised for the very first time in February 2024. Purchasing and installing the tanks would be an amazing way to contribute to the local communities. Since Angamma is officially registered as a charity, the funds will go straight to the Angamma account. This way no taxes are withheld and the amount of unnecessary transaction costs is reduced.


The goal is set at €10.000. Each tank costs approximately €500 to purchase and install, enabling support for 20 schools and community homes. While thousands of schools require such a tank, this initiative marks a significant beginning. We hope that your love for the Liquicity Yearmix will help us to reach this goal. Liquicity will add 10% to the total donated amount on top and give away various prizes via the raffles below.

Raffle & Prizes

When you donate, you automatically become a part of the Liquicity raffle. This offers the chance to win incredible prizes across different tiers. It’s important to note that each prize has its own separate drawing, meaning that you have multiple chances to win per tier.

For instance, if you donate €8, you’ll be entered into the Nebula tier with 19 chances to win one of prizes. When you donate €30, you automatically participate in both the Nebula and Lunar tiers. This means you have 11 chances to win Lunar prizes in addition to your 19 Nebula chances. For the most generous donors, contributing €250 or more puts you in the running for the Galaxy tier, where you can win exclusive prizes in addition to all the lower-tier chances.

💫 Nebula Tier (19 prizes, all donations participate)

  • 5x Liquicity Astronauts 1-year membership
  • 5x Liquicity T-Shirt of your choice
  • 5x Liquicity Flag of your choice
  • 4x Liquicity Springfestival Rotterdam ticket

🌜 Lunar Tier (11 prizes, donations of €25 or higher participate)

  • 5x Liquicity Snapback of your choice
  • 2x Liquicity Hoodie or Sweater of your choice
  • 4x Liquicity Winterfestival Eindhoven ticket

☀️ Solar Tier (10 prizes, donations of €100 or higher participate)

  • 3x Personal video message from a Liquicity artist of your choice (Great for birthday surprises!)
  • 4x Liquicity Festival Weekend Ticket
  • 1x Liquicity blue corduroy baseball cap (one-of-a-kind ‘sample’)
  • 2x Liquicity Bomber Jacket or Windjacket

🪐 Galaxy Tier (7 prizes, donations of €250 or higher participate)

  • 2x Access to all Liquicity Events & Festivals
  • 2x Unreleased music listening session with Maduk
  • 2x Liquicity Festival Weekend Ticket + LiquiciTent sleeping package
  • 1x Liquicity artwork printed on a large canvas

Winners will be contacted via email in January 2024, except for the 4 lucky winners of the Liquicity Winterfestival tickets.

Thank you for all your support and good luck in the raffle!🔥

Liquicity & Maduk