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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Year entered the Galaxy of Dreams: 2024

Origin of artist alias: Deep dive on words I resonated with, and the derivation of redemption into Redemptive sounded sick to me! I was unaware of its Christian meaning and am not religious, but somehow it’s fitting that it means: “To save someone from an act of error or evil”, which is what I think dnb is able to do.

Main inspirations: Au5, Logistics, Technimatic, Camo & Krooked, Koan Sound, Dawn Wall, A.I & the ongoing understanding & exploring of life itself with a gratitude sprinkled on top. I love all kind of good music, funk, bounce, atmosphere & vibe.

Favourite Liquicity song: Makoto – Ygmyc / Command Strange – Body & Soul

Guilty pleasure song: Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red

Favourite snack: Toms Giant Chocolate Turtle Icecream

Favourite drink: Gin & Cocio

Special/secret skill: I can do a kickflip

You can wake them up at night for: I’m most likely already awake, but always up for a lil wake and boogie

Favourite place on planet earth: My studio when I’m working on liquid, and it’s raining outside

Amount of plants at home: 18

Hobbies besides music: Getting strong asf, gaming, going out & about and drawing pixelart

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