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Name: Blooom

Location: Germany

Years spent in the galaxy of dreams:  4 (2018 with Rush)

Origin of artist alias: I thought it sounded cool

Main inspirations: Kanye, Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Fox Stevenson

Favourite Liquicity song: Boxplot & The Outsiders – In The Cold

Guilty pleasure song: Britney Spears – Toxic

Favourite snack: Olives

Favourite drink: White Russian

Special/secret skill: I’m a freestyle parkourist (that’s at least what I think when I’m drunk)

Own signature dish: Hot ass Tacos

You can wake him up at night for:  Probably nothing. I’m the grumpiest person when I don’t get my 7-8hrs of sleep.

Morning ritual: Try to avoid talking to people until my brain decides that it’s time to wake up again.

Favourite place on planet earth:  Every deep water soloing spot around the island of Mallorca.

Amount of plants at home:  I wouldn’t be able to take care of more than one tbh. But our place is full of plants. Probably like 20.

Hobbies besides music: Bouldering

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